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When you think of local you think of family, community, something home grown, your roots. You get a kind of nostalgia that makes you long for a moment in time where you felt connected to a place, a zip code, a group of friends more than anything else. Being local is having a babysitter for your kids, whose mom used to babysit you. Being local is always having a friend whose only connection to you is that their uncle once lived in the house you just purchased. Feeling local, well that's often harder to create. And that's where we come in. 


We have curated a community, an experience, that brings that connection, those feelings, into the fore front of your everyday. Whether you were born and raised here, came here from the West coast or from a state or two over - we want this to feel like home. 


The moment you walk through our doors, it's a moment to connect with yourself and with our community -- scratch that -- YOUR community. We don't just want to know your name. We want to know what motivates you, what drives you, what breaks you down and what it takes to build you back up. 

It's a simple premise really. 

We've created a space that allows you to be unapologetically you. And we can't wait to be there with you every tuck of the way. 

 Local B Studio


Meet The Team


Amanda Parkhurst



Leighann Johnson


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1 Madbury Rd., Unit 103

Durham, NH 03824


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